Who is the lockey-manager? Features and description of the profess

Locaishn manager is a profession that is not suitable for people who do not have a high level of stress resistance. To negotiate with people, to clear the streets of the metropolis of pedestrians and transport, to prepare a place in supermarkets – all this is very hard. And you also have to watch out for actors who in a rush of inspiration can make many mistakes. What else do you need to know if you are interested in the profession of locaishn-manager?


A man who decided to associate his life with the profession of locaishn-manager, should be ready that he will have to pick up a place for future filming work. You might have to find an apartment. Maybe it’s necessary to prepare a place in the park. It all depends on a particular motion picture or TV show.

The manager should speak to the director before starting the search for a place. Specific conditions that will need to be taken into account.$ It is also necessary to consult with the production artist.

Having learned from the camera crew all necessary conditions, you can be mistaken for search. To do this, you need to bring a camera with you. The location found for filming should take a photo, and then send the picture to the director for confirmation.

But it’s far on the hardest part of a lockey-manager’s professional activity. Sometimes it is very difficult to find an approach to the owner of the apartment or to agree with the administration on the use of the object If in plans of shooting on the street, it is necessary to negotiate with law enforcement agencies. Things get much more complicated if the film’s budget isn’t too big.

Locaishn manager can be the director of a future film or TV show. It is not necessary to hire an individual employee to sort out most organizational matters. In addition, you can connect the production artist’s assistants to the process of finding a location for filming.

Necessary knowledge

Occupation locaishn-manager will not suit all applicants. It is necessary that the person be easy to climb, active. Most of their work time will have to be spent in constant motion. It may not appeal to a lot of people.

Locaishn manager must have a sense of taste, an artistic look. It is necessary to find a worker who will understand the intricacies of the filming process.

Locaishn manager should be able to negotiate, communicate with people. Otherwise, rent an apartment or find a common language with law enforcement agencies will be extremely difficult. In addition, the lockey-manager must understand the director’s desires.

Highly valued managers who have a base of places where you can conduct filming work. This will save time.

Another weighty virtue of a lockey-manager is his erudition. He should be versed in history, architecture, cultural issues. Especially if it comes to shooting a historical picture.

Where to study and how much pay

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Subtleties of the profession locaishn-manager are taught in higher education institutions. For this purpose you can enter, for example, the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography at the Faculty of Film and Television Management.

The salary level depends largely on the region in which the filming works are taking place. The budget of the future project plays a significant role. Naturally, if it is to work in the capital, then the payment will be much higher. On average, the manager receives 60 tr.


Occupation location-manager implies the presence of a huge amount of skills and knowledge in the applicant. The work is very hard, because you will have to communicate and negotiate a lot. This should be taken into account if you decided to try your hand in this field.

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