Who is the greenkeeper? Description and peculiarities of profession

Sports lawns should mean the fields on which football, rugby, tennis are played. But the emergence of the profession has a lot to do with golf. The lawns designed for this game are a complex system. Greenkeeper in his work must take into account not only the shape of a particular section, its inclination, but also the requirements of the lawn. It is necessary to understand even in such subtleties as the height of grass.

The professional of his business perfectly understands how to keep the lawn in perfect condition. On golf courses, he will be able to skillfully place not only sand traps, but also water obstacles. To perform their duties qualitatively, a greenkeeper must understand the most minor nuances. Essentially, out of a regular lawn, a greenkeeper has to make a masterpiece, a work of art.

Where to work?

Greenkeepers who like to play golf can get a job at the appropriate club. Starting from an ordinary specialty, a simple worker may subsequently take up the position of chief greenkeeper.

There are still few golf clubs on the territory of Russia. But each year, the number will increase. Therefore, the demand for professional greenkippers will grow. But even with the absence of enough jobs in Russia, the professional of his business will be able to find himself a job in any other country.

It is not necessary to work on golf courses. You can go to a football club, a baseball club. You can go lawn on fields designed for rugby or tennis games.

What qualities should possess

Occupation greenkeeper implies that the worker should love the sport for which he works. It’s hard to imagine a professional of his business scattering rubbish on a lawn designed for golfing.

Greenkeeper must love nature. This quality will help create an ideal golf course. Greenkeeper is in some way involved in landscaping. And to create a work of art, it must have good taste.


professional of his business should be ready for continuous training and improvement of his skills.

Greenkeeper should have good knowledge in the field of agrotechnics. If he plans to work at a golf club, he should be able to play golf. Otherwise, he simply won’t understand all the intricacies and nuances of his activities.

Training and payment


profession of greenkeeper can be mastered by attending specialized courses. In addition, there are schools that teach exactly this specialty. Often you can learn all the intricacies of the profession directly in the golf club under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

And countries such as America, Britain and Germany have educational institutions dedicated to training greenkippers.

All the necessary knowledge can be obtained at the technical school or institute by entering the Faculty of Agriculture.

A greenkeeper’s salary depends entirely on his professionalism and where he works. There is no ceiling per se. Real professionals get good money for their writings.

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