Who is the gemologist? Features of the profess

Gemologist is a young enough profession. The first educational institution to train specialists in the field of gemology opened in 1908. It happened in the UK. This is about the Gemological Committee. The institution was subsequently renamed the Gemological Association.

At the present stage, almost every country has a gemological laboratory. In those countries where diamonds are traded regularly, there are not only public but also private gemological organizations.

Duties and knowledge


profession of gemologist is in demand. The professional is able to determine the type of stone, the place of its finds. The specialist is engaged in the study of the chemical composition and properties of the mineral, evaluates the quality of the jewelry.

Gemologists have quite a lot of different responsibilities. Let’s name the main ones.

  1. The specialist is involved in sorting stones according to parameters such as size, shape and quality.
  2. The

  3. professional is obliged to select sets of gems and choose those minerals to be used in the repair of jewelry.
  4. The gemologist’s duties include the processing of transfer invoices.
  5. The

  6. specialist must determine the cost of the product, evaluate gems in already finished products.
  7. The

  8. gemologist must control the remains of precious products, the terms of orders. His duties also include contact with suppliers.
  9. The specialist is obliged to analyse data on the value of minerals, as well as make proposals regarding their purchases.

Regular practice is necessary to become a professional of your business. Theory alone is not enough. New technologies and methods of stone research are constantly emerging. Therefore, the specialist must be ready for continuous training and skills improvement.


professional must have good color perception, sharp vision. He has to be incredulous and responsible. Nor do it without such quality as stress resistance.

To progress on the career ladder, you need to know the physico-chemical parameters of minerals. The job will also require knowledge of the state of the jewels market. Otherwise, the gemologist will not be able to determine the value of the jewelry.

Training, salary and prospects

How to become a gemologist? To build a career, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate education by entering the Faculty of Geology or Mineralogy. As a specialization it is necessary to choose gemology.

In Russia, the profession of gemologist is not highly paid. This is due to the lack of informativity of people. The profession is young and many have not even heard of it. In the regions gemologist earns on average from 15 to 35 thousand rubles. In Moscow — from 40 to 80 years. 


profession is very promising. So over the years, pay will go up. There is nothing strange about this, because in the jewelry sphere the gemologist is a key figure. And as long as there are gems, a professional gemologist will be a sought-after specialist.

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