Who is the fitness instructor: the features of the profession

The word’ fitness’ came to us from English. Means the direction of physical development. Appeared as early as the 20th century. At the present stage you can observe the rapid development of fitness direction.

But if you look at the history more closely, it will be that the appearance was thought back in ancient years. Aristocrats often hired instructors for their children, who taught shooting, fencing, and developed physical data. In the 19th century, girls also became involved in sports.

At the present stage, it is thanks to girls that fitness develops. Different directions and disciplines, exercises are invented for them.

Features of the profession

If you go to the gym not just to maintain the figure and tone, it is best to seek help from professional instructors. Otherwise, it will be much harder to achieve the necessary result. In addition, the risk of injury increases significantly.

Gym instructors can lead both individual and group classes. Trainers can specialize in specific areas: aerobics, bodybuilding, high-intensity training, etc. 

Fitness instructor is simply necessary at the very first classes. An experienced professional will help to put the technique and pick up the right exercises for the beginner. But also professional athletes are unlikely to refuse the help of a coach. Thanks to an experienced mentor, it is possible to properly distribute physical loads, increase endurance or strength indicators. The instructor will also help pick up the right diet.

Every specialist over time has regular customers who are ready for him to change the club.

Where to work?

Every year there are more and more gyms and sports complexes. Instructors can find a job in both a fitness centre and a small fitness room. Much depends on the level of professionalism and experience of a particular coach. There are specialists who conduct workouts at home or online.

The duties of the trainer

  1. find new clients. The instructor needs to assess the physical shape and medical condition of the novice.
  2. Setting certain goals for the client.
  3. The

  4. ward needs to be motivated.
  5. A personal trainer should prepare individual programs, adjust and supplement them depending on the effectiveness of the training process.
  6. Staging the technique of performing exercises.
  7. Work as a duty coach.
  8. Ongoing learning and self-development. Every year there are more fitness destinations. Therefore, the coach has to constantly train, learn new spheres, improve his skills.

Who is this profession for?

To become a professional gym instructor, you need to love sports. Also, you can’t do the profession without the skills to communicate with people. Customers are different, so the coach must be ready to meet with heavy in communication wards.

A gym instructor must have qualities such as tenacity, patience and stress resistance. It is necessary to have good fitness and athletic physique.

Salaries depend on the professionalism of the coach and the number of clients. On average, instructors earn about 50 tr. 

To become a trainer, knowledge in the field of physiology, biomechanics, anatomy are necessary. At the present stage there are a huge number of courses that can be taken to get a position as a gym instructor. It is possible to finish the institute with a physical education. Former athletes become coaches.

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