How to properly organize space at work

Properly organized files in the computer save time

For those whose work is directly related to computer usage, it is primarily important to keep in order all electronic documents and files. Ideally, you should select a separate hard drive partition for working documents, where you will create the required number of folders for storing files.

As practice shows, it is easiest to find files in appropriately named folders whose subfolders are separated according to document creation dates. In the “Reports” folder, you should create a folder “2014” in which you create a folder “January”, where all January reports will already be saved.

If you have to create and save more than 20-30 documents each month, you can create subfolders with dates in the month folder for convenience.

A desktop that improves productivity

You can hardly imagine how much time a month you spend on searching for pens, markers, notebooks, documents and magazines in the workplace. And after all, in just a couple of hours, you can free the desktop from all kinds of unnecessary little things and thus simplify access to really important things.

First of all, remove from the desktop:

– cute figurines;

– postcards and frames with photos;

– entertainment magazines, books and catalogues, if those are not required by you on the job ;

– notes with phone numbers and other data.

Please rewrite the information from leaflets in the daily.

Only the right documents and a daily with stationery should remain on the table – nothing more. For the latter, of course, you need to purchase a special pencil or cup so that they are within a radius of direct access and are not scattered all over the table. And the documents are perfectly placed in special add-ons, which are easy to find in any stationery store.

Organization of the working atmosphere

The last step of improving your own efficiency is creating the right atmosphere in the workplace.$ No radio, no movies, bright posters, distraction, and other tinsel. It is necessary to work at work and only then there will be an opportunity to achieve some success in the chosen field of activity. Ideally, if your work is not connected to a global network, the internet during business hours also needs to be turned off, it will also add at least an hour of work time per day.

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