How to find a job as a rewriter on the internet

On a global network, lots of information and the lion’s share of content occupy texts. Therefore, “reinvent the bike” to modern authors of texts for sites is not always easy. However, this is not a problem, because many buyers of texts are quite comfortable with someone written thoughts, which the author for a certain fee will retold his words. rewriting ready-made texts in their own words, preserving the meaning of the message – rewriting and the product of labor – rewriting.

Where to look for a job as a rewriter

First place where you should go for earnings and skills to a novice rewriter – a content exchange. These in the Russian-language Internet are more than a dozen, but especially in demand from customers and respectively replete with orders of three:

– ContentMonster;

– TextSale;

– TextBroker.

To receive orders on the first exchange you will need to go through the registration procedure, as well as answer test questions and write a small essay. Depending on the results of the test and the quality of the composition, the moderators of the content exchange allow new authors to work.

The second exchange does not involve writing test papers. You can work immediately after signing up for TextSale. Themes for rewrites, as well as the source materials, you choose yourself and put the finished works for sale. We can say that this exchange is a huge market for text content on the Internet.

The third option is suitable exclusively for talented authors. TextBroker is a closed exchange and only experienced authors can access there.

However, you can try, this will need to send the administrator of the exchange an email with a brief summary and links to written earlier works.

Places where you can find regular customers of


Exchange is a great place to start a career as a rewriter, but staying there is always not the best option to reach a substantially high income. Many times more are paid by regular customers. Search for those should be on popular webmasters forums, as well as on social networks.

Search on social networks is carried out by news. Enter something like “looking for rewriters” into the search bar and view suggestions.

If you purposefully start searching for customers, then in a couple of weeks you will be able to find a job with decent earnings. And if the job starts to bring you pleasure, then nothing will prevent you from abandoning the main job and making rewriting your main source of profit.

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