How to earn a teenager

Of course, there are not many ways of earning for teenagers, but you can choose the most appropriate one. However, first it is necessary to ask parents what they think about it, as some organizations require their permission in writing. If it cannot be provided, you will have to look for another place.


Virtually any teenager can go work as a promoter. Such work is very well paid, you can work only a few hours a day, and the work itself does not require special skills. Benevolence, courtesy and sociability are required of the applicant. The duties of the promoter include participation in various promotions and tastings, distribution of promotional products, etc.

Maintenance staff

Teen can go to work as a waiter, cafe often requires maintenance staff and they can take on a minor’s job. Of course, a lot will not pay him, but you can eat also tips, at the expense of them it will be possible to collect a decent amount. However, for this job you will have to undergo training, since the profession of waiter requires certain knowledge. Do not give up on this, since subsequently customers will reward good tips for excellent service.


Many free newspapers require couriers as they pay a little there. However, a few hours of work per month comes out a good amount. Such organizations boldly employ teenagers because they do their jobs responsibly and do not demand high wages. For this reason, it is possible to consider this option. In addition, you can arrange a courier to some office, but this work will require personal transport, as often documents have to be transported very much. However, do not despair, as as a personal transport is quite suitable and a bicycle.

Car wash

If you view the ads in the newspaper, you can see that quite often on the STO require car washers. Since it’s not a very prestigious position, people quickly find something better for themselves. For this reason a car wash can settle even a teenager, it will only be necessary to make some effort and pass probation.


If a teenager is into programming, then he can find himself a job on the internet. To do this, you will need to register on one of the sites for freelancers and get a portfolio. After that, you need to review orders and leave your offers to customers.

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