How to behave with the buyer


Priority attention to those customers who have previously made a purchase from you. Never lose sight of regular customers. If a person once used your personal services or the services of your store and is satisfied with the service, he will not only buy from you further, but may become a source of new customers.


To those who turn to you for the first time, give full support. It is difficult for a beginner to make the right choice Therefore, it is your initiative and friendly attitude towards the buyer that will depend on how his visit to the trading network or to the firm you represent.


Provide the buyer with complete and comprehensive information regarding the object of the intended purchase. Try to speak the client’s language and not overload it with professional or technical terms. After your explanations, the buyer should learn the main thing — how complete a particular thing can meet its needs.


Be truthful, do not withhold information about the real quality of the product and do not exaggerate its merits. If it is later revealed that your words contained distorted information about the purchase item, the buyer is sure to have an unpleasant sludge and distrust of you.


Never impose a particular item on the buyer. Give him the right of choice and information for thought. It is best if the customer decides on the purchase themselves, relying on their tastes and preferences. If you try to show excessive perseverance, offering goods, the buyer can respond with polite refusal, turn around and leave to your competitors.


When communicating with the buyer, refrain from negative statements about competitors working with the same product. Not only does this go against professional ethics, it also gives the client an unpleasant impression of your personality. Very often it happens that a few approving words to a rival firm increase confidence in you.


If the purchase didn’t take place, don’t despair. Try to give the customer a good impression of your trading enterprise. Express your willingness to help him if he decides to turn to you again over time. Politeness, benevolence and attention to the needs of a potential buyer will always be appreciated by him.

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