How to be if you dont like work


Deal with yourself. It is important for you to understand whether your dissatisfaction with work can be called permanent, or whether it is a temporary phenomenon that is a consequence of fatigue, health problems, personal troubles, deterioration working conditions or a period – related increase in work.$ If it’s not about the work itself, by changing it, you won’t bring improvements to your life, only make it harder. After all, the problems will be added to the need to find a suitable vacancy and a sense of regret about the wrong step.


Consider what exactly doesn’t suit you. Be prepared for the first answer not to prove true. For example, you seem to be paid little. But at the same time your salary is kind of adequate to the amount of work you do. You look through jobs and see about the same picture in terms of material incentive. It turns out that it’s not about the salary and not the bonus, it’s about the fact that you don’t grow up in the professional sense. You need to understand: whether you are not taking initiative yourself, the manager stubbornly fails to notice your achievements, or your company has no growth prospects. That will be the answer to what your dissatisfaction is.


Solve the problem. If it’s about office, consider how one might occupy another. Think wider. Another post does not necessarily imply promotion. Sometimes horizontal promotion of an employee within one enterprise also brings satisfaction and joy. Consider whether some contiguous sphere is attracted to you, and whether you’re willing to retrain. If it’s really about pay or rejection of corporate culture, it might be worth looking for another job.


Talk to the supervisor. If the problem can be solved with it, try to do so. Choose a good time for negotiations, show your value to the firm, justify your demands and make an offer. Just don’t blackmail the employer with dismissal and refer to the fact that you have already been invited to a couple of better companies following interviews. Let you have an offer from another company about stock, but you don’t need to talk about it. Just report that you want better conditions and tell me why you deserve them.

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