Free flight: how to become a freelancer?

You will need
  • – personal computer
  • internet
  • – notebook or daily

  • – pen
  • – bank card
  • – passport



Determine the direction, what would you like to do? Like cooking? Cooking blog on Instagram or channel on Yandex zen in aid! In school wrote beautiful writings, try your hand in copywriting, for beginners the copywriting exchanges are ideal, but it is not worth staying on them, very low prices. More profitable offers can be found in thematic groups in social networks.


Bring e-wallets – these are additional ways of withdrawing funds, they are very helpful on sites where there is no withdrawal on a bank card.


Never give up — most newcomers quit freelancing at the start, a frequent reason little income. Develop, come up with new ideas, look for your “raisins” and be an innovator! Creative, creativity and unusual approach on this freelancer creates a “name” personal brand, which over time will definitely bring good income, gain patience!


Be the best in your sphere! At the very beginning, do not be afraid to take orders with a small price, fill your hand, raise the price. Attend courses, read, soak up information like a sponge! Scientist is light. Good income is drawn to the best.


Meet new people, communicate with those who have achieved success, ask to share secrets, be inspired! It is important to remember one rule: exclude from the lives of those people who “pull down”, i.e. they have achieved nothing and think negatively, “energy vampires” are very dangerous individuals, it is not worth spending on them their time, they will never change, don’t try to instill them something.


Appreciate time is the most important resource, plan your day correctly. Create a schedule, competent time management, half the success of a freelancer.


Write a detailed plan of action, what you want to achieve, set goals, breaking them into several stages, so easier. The main thing is, never give up and do not lose faith in yourself, and in moments of despondency, remember what the second breath started and will open for. There are no staleless people, there are lazy, open up, be multifaceted, the person independently writes the scenario of fate.


Fear not to be wrong — it’s an invaluable experience that will prompt what was done wrong. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to start over, find your 9999 thousand ways that don’t work. Do not fixate on failures, let go of the past, go ahead, but what was let burn bright flames. It’s just part of a biography, an experience, and it makes a man more wise and prudent.

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