Will there be a gay parade in St Petersburg

Members of sexual minorities are not the first year asking the authorities of St. Petersburg to allow a procession in the city, indicating that it is there will be an action to draw attention to the situation of discrimination against same-sex families. In the summer of 2012, the permission seems to have been received, but later withdrawn by the legality committee. Attempt to hold a rally against the law adopted in the city on the prohibition of propaganda of pedophilia and homosexuality among minors spilled into clashes with neo-Nazis, as a result the rally lasted all a few minutes.

Whether a full-fledged gay parade will be held in St. Petersburg remains an open question. However, we can assume that in Russia, a country with centuries of Christian traditions, such processions for a long time will not be able to get not that approval, but even just a tolerant relationship with side of the population. As a result, the authorities are in a difficult situation: the principles of respect for human rights seem to oblige them to listen to the demands of sex minorities and allow them to carry out peaceful marches. At the same time, the vast majority of the population considers such events unacceptable, as they corrupt young people, destroy centuries-old family foundations. On the side of the majority and the Church, taking a very clear irreconcilable position on this issue. There is

no way out of the situation yet and, it seems, will not be in the near future. Appearances of members of sexual minorities to foreign human rights organizations also do not lead to anything, nor can they lead — whatever pressure Western human rights defenders put on Russian authorities, the leadership of the country will never go against the opinion of the vast majority of the population and the position of the Church If a gay parade one day takes place, it will have to take place under tight police detachment, as skirmishes with opponents of similar marches are imminent.

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