Why Zemfira was “silent”

Rock Festival “Invasion” closed Zemfira, the main guest of the concert, with a live one-and-a-half hour performance. The singer has not performed on the FORmat stage in 10 years “Scandal Girl” arrived in the tent city very spectacularly — in a helicopter that landed on the pad by the main stage. During the performance, the singer performed her new compositions and old best hits. And before the song “Daisies,” Zemfira admitted that she was tired of these flowers and sing about them one last time. “Let’s bury this song in the Volga,” she announced.

Days before the festival, Zema, as fans call it, said on her official website that “Invasion” will be her last platform in communication with the outside world, which it seems to star “too cruel.” And, indeed, on stage in Bolshoi Zavidovo, Zemfira once again confirmed her decision to take a “vow of silence.”

Shortly before, the singer admitted to a magazine: “I almost don’t talk like that, only sing. And in ten years, most likely, I will stop talking at all.” The singer is also offended by the fact that her “favorite fans” “in their grades and discussions make a skewed toward something messy, irrelevant to creativity” and to her. “I need silence,” the singer told the journalist of the online publication colta.ru.

The timing of Zemfira’s “vow of silence” is not yet known. The official website of the singer since the day of “Invasion” is blocked for users.

However, to frighten fans with her final departure from the stage the singer was not going. In the same interview, the rock star reassured fans that for a period of “silence”, just about to complete the recording of the long-awaited studio album.

It is expected that the record, the name of which is not yet reported, will go on sale in autumn 2012. The last of Zemfira’s released albums “Thank You” came out back in the fall of 2007. After 3 years, in 2010, the release of her compilation Z-Sides took place — it included previously unreleased songs of the singer.

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