Why you cant sleep opposite the mirror

Where did this sign come from, and why did our ancestors prefer not to hang mirrors in the bedroom? There are plenty of explanations for this. One of the most common is the belief that during sleep the astral body of a person leaves the body physical and makes the journey to other worlds. If there is a mirror in the room, then the astral body can get into the mirror and not go back. In that case, the physical body of the person just dies. Indeed, the sudden death of people in their sleep doctors are confronted regularly, and many of these cases are difficult to explain.

But there is another version — mirrors disrupt quality and full sleep. They’re like a magnet pulling positive energy. As a result, in the morning a person wakes up tired and irritated, and regular sleep opposite the mirror can lead to chronic insomnia, health problems and premature aging.

From Fen-Shui’s point of view, if a married couple constantly sleeps opposite the mirror, it pushes one of the spouses to treason. However, one person is not advised to sleep opposite the mirror – it duplicates his loneliness. In Ancient Russia, it was also considered dangerous to sleep opposite mirrors. Our ancestors believed that there was a double in the mirror that could steal a man’s soul while he sleeps.

Many modern psychologists don’t recommend sleeping opposite mirrors either. According to them, the mirror creates the illusion of presence in the bedroom of prying eyes, which prevents a person from feeling privacy and relaxing. All this leads to increased irritability and the emergence of quarrels on trifling. Also, by accidentally waking up at night, a person may be frightened of their mirror reflection: light shadows often create unpleasant and frightening images that make people feel uncomfortable.

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