Why you cant eat sushi and rolls until 21 years

According to Valentina Ivanova, Co-Chair of the Moscow Public Council for School Nutrition are delivered from abroad. Long transportation affects the quality of the products used in the most negative way. In this regard, cases of poisoning are not uncommon, which are particularly severe in young people with an unstrengthened organism.

With a request not to be fascinated with Japanese cuisine, the chief sanitary physician of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko appealed to Russians. He officially stated that the genetic memory of Russians is against eating raw and semi-raw fish, seafood. In Russia, potatoes, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, other vegetables, meat are traditionally used for food. When eating Japanese exotic dishes, the gastrointestinal tract is seriously tested.

In addition, in Japan, sushi and rolls are traditionally served in the morning and prepare them from a freshly caught catch. The fish, which had been stored for more than 24 hours, was not suitable for making exotic dishes. As a rule, shipping seafood to the place of cooking in Russia takes much longer. And young people under 21 are advised to eat only fresh produce.

Nutritionists fully support the view that eating sushi and rolls is not recommended for young people. The products include rice, a large amount of cream cheese and mayonnaise, exotic fruits and vegetables, raw or semi-raw fish, crabs, seafood. Such a mixture is far from beneficial for a young organism. Large amounts of enzymes and gastric juice are required to digest. When systematically eating exotic dishes, gastritis flowing into an ulcer is inevitable.

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