Why would a cat ears

The structure of the mustache is similar in structure to normal hair, except that they are a little stiffer. Nervous endings are located in bulbs. Cats are adept at controlling vibrisses, such as putting them forward or sideways โ€” this depends on the particular situation and mood.

The animal can tell with precision whether it will pass into a small hole. To do this, cats melt moustaches to the sides, thus determining the diameter in relation to the size of their body.

With the help of moustaches, striped move and in the dark. This organ of touch helps the cat recognize the distance to objects, which allows you to walk very neatly even in a large number of different objects.

There is a perception that the cat feels obstacles at a distance. When moving, an airflow is created, which, pushing back against the objects, makes it clear how far they are located. But this is unverified data, and many scientists still cannot accurately confirm or disprove this fact.

Even though the mustache helps navigate the animal in space, if cut, the cat will move as well. It is not necessary to think that the loss of vibrisses can lead to death โ€” this is far from the case. Over the course of life, striped periodically lose part of the moustache, which regrow over time. But letting a child trim them is not necessary.

Some breeds of cats have not had moustaches since birth. Usually these include short-haired and bald animals, but this has no effect on their quality of life. They orient themselves perfectly in space and use other senses that help them move gracefully.

Well, of course, without a moustache, the cat doesn’t look so nice, because they give special appeal. Try to keep your pet healthy in order, then the vibrisses will be luxurious and fluffy.

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