Why will ban beer advertising in online media

According to the requirements of the new bill, advertising of beer, as well as other low-alcohol products with less than ethyl alcohol content 5% will be banned entirely on internet sites registered as media. With other web resources, alcohol advertising doesn’t disappear yet. This measure is introduced in order to reduce the amount of consumption of alcoholic products among young people who are the most active users of the Internet.

According to Andrey Vorobyov, one of the chairmen of the Duma faction “United Russia”, only in recent years the average level of beginners to drink in Russia has decreased from 14 years to 11 years, which means that it’s not about teenagers anymore, it’s about children.$ In his opinion, to solve this problem Russia needs a masshabby “national plan to fight alcoholism” and its consistent and methodical implementation. Amendments to the law “On advertising” is only one of measures to protect the younger generation from involvement with alcohol.

Earlier, a number of restrictions on advertising of alcoholic products in the mass media have already been introduced into the law “On advertising”. For example, today the law prohibits the display of alcohol advertising on the daytime broadcast on TV, images with alcohol products cannot be placed on the covers of magazines, advertising of alcohol is prohibited on the first and last newspaper strips.

A new bill on the prohibition of advertising of low-alcohol products and beer on Internet sites registered as media has been prepared by representatives of the United Russia faction. Many journalists noted at once that actress Maria Kozhevnikova, known to most Russians for her role in the youth series “Univer”, took part in its development. Work on this bill was the first of her deputy career.

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