Why there are many suicide bombers among terrorists

A form of terrorism when a person blows himself up is very beneficial to crime organizers. First, they do not have to solve the task of saving the perpetrator of a terrorist act Secondly, the danger that the perpetrator, having fallen into the hands of the intelligence services, will extradite accomplices. The psychological effect of such acts increases many times, because the terrorist has not regretted even his own life, so his organization is ready literally for everything. In addition, recruitment of supporters is facilitated by creating a halo of “martyrdom”, especially among young people who do not yet have clear benchmarks and experience.

In order to force a person to act as a suicide bomber, there are a number of methods based on physical, psychological and medical impact. Potential suicide bombers are chosen from among impressionable, weak-willed people, pronounced “slaves”, who can be psychologically broken, making a docile tool in other people’s hands. They are told that by committing a terrorist act, they will not only commit the holy cause, but also prove their bravery, glorify and immortalize themselves.

The fertile environment from which to recruit future suicide bombers is religious fanatics. They are given eternal heavenly bliss if they destroy the unbelievers at the cost of their own lives. At the same time, the very concept of “infidels” by spiritual mentors of terrorists is treated extremely broadly: they include even co-religionists who disapprove of extremely radical views and methods of leadership terrorist organizations.$

Besides, many suicide bombers were born and raised in very poor families. They see no way out of poverty and go to their deaths, having been assured that their loved ones would then be provided with material assistance. And, as a rule, after a terrorist act, the relatives of the criminal do receive a significant (by their standards) amount of money, both from the management of the organization and from all sorts of sponsors.

Finally, the role of suicide bombers is often female. In many nations, a woman who lost her husband is still considered an inferior creature. She is obliged to give the children to the relatives of her husband and to arrange her personal life independently. Therefore, the widows of militants, who are accustomed to obeying men, otherwise become easy prey for the organizers of terrorist acts.

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