Why Russians are not recommended to travel outside Egypts resorts;

This recommendation is related to the frequent occurrence of demonstrations and other mass public actions in Egypt, which in the last time ends with clashes between demonstrators. Once in the area of their holding, vacationers can unwittingly become participants in events threatening their health and life. Thus, during the latter case, a group of unknown persons attacked protesters outside the Egyptian Ministry of Defence building. At the same time, the attackers swarmed demonstrators with stones and Molotov cocktails. The result is sad — 11 people died from shots to the head, more than 200 wounded.

The political situation in Egypt is now exacerbated by surges of violence around the Government’s reform agenda designed to create the necessary conditions for sustainable socio – economic development of Egypt.$ Opponents of the reform demand that the country’s military leadership immediately transfer power to the civilian government and also protest against the exclusion of Abu Ismail from the presidential race, $ disqualified for the fact that his mother has dual citizenship.

Dissenters believe that the electoral commission, made such a decision solely under pressure from the military, which thus prevents radical Islamists from coming to power. Also, the military leadership is blamed for criminal inaction during the attack on the Salafi camp. This caused widespread public backlash: at once several presidential candidates suspended their election campaigns, political debates between the main candidates were cancelled.

Egypt’s military leadership has shown itself completely powerless to stop the violence, though it was meant to ensure the calm and security of citizens during the election of the country’s new president. Despite the ultimatum on the transfer of power presented to them by Salafists and liberals, they are unwilling to hold it beyond July 30, when the elected president’s official inauguration is due to take place .

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