Why Robbie Williams refused to perform at the closing of the Olympics

Every time the ceremonies taking place at the beginning and end of the Olympic Games become more vibrant, memorable and costly. London will host the opening ceremony of the Olympics. According to the established tradition, the scenario of its conduct is kept in the strictest secret.

At the moment, the name of the opening ceremony is known — “Wonderland”. Its director was a famous director – Danny Boyle, who made the film “Slumdog Millionaire” at one time. It is also expected that during the ceremony it will be the third Olympic Games, which are held in London. The opening ceremony will end with Paul McCartney’s The Beatles song “Hey Jude.”

The closing ceremony of the Olympics will last two and a half hours. It will feature The Who, George Michael and Take That. The famous British singer Robbie Williams was to perform at the same ceremony. He was expected to perform some of his stuff from a solo career and a cover version of “Life on Mars?” David Bowie.

In addition, organizers of the ceremony hoped that the singer would perform in concert with his former Take That bandmates. At first, Robbie Williams agreed to attend this honoree ceremony and even began preparing to perform. But refused a short time later. Representatives of the singer confirmed the information, and there was no official comment from event organizers.

The reason for the performer’s refusal to participate in the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics was cited almost immediately. Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field is due to have a child in August. The singer didn’t want to leave his spouse alone at such a moment. The British performer has long dreamed of becoming a father. And she and her wife are looking forward to their daughter’s appearance.

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