Why raised alcohol prices

Spirits prices increased due to a 15% increase in excise duty on alcohol-containing products from July 1, 2012. The purchase price of alcohol for alcohol producers increased from 280 to 350 p. per decaliter (10 liters).

The minimum retail price for wine distillate products, such as brandy, rose to 190 p. 0.5 liter, and for cognac – to 219 p. In fact, prices are set based on the content of ethyl alcohol in the drink.

Natural alcohol fortress 4 -7% such as cider and medovuha were equated to vodka, wine and beer. Therefore, retail chains from July 1 can no longer purchase meadovuha and cider from manufacturers without the appropriate license. Thus, these drinks with a high probability from the sale will go missing.

The measures taken should help reduce the availability of alcohol and become a way to combat alcoholism, officials said. On the other hand, it should increase revenue to the budget. It is planned that the increase in excise taxes on alcohol will continue in 2013, 2014 and 2015. As a result, the price of half a litre of vodka will reach 300 p., or even more.

Part of the population approves the law and expresses the hope that the number of drinks will still decrease. Critics as shortcomings of the updated law predict increased consumption of substandard alcohol and surrogates, which is fraught with poisoning and disease. They believe that alcoholics will not give up their dependence, but simply cut other items of expenditure, whereas the producers will benefit most from high prices.

According to their forecasts, quality alcohol will be available to a smaller number of Russians, and the proportion of illegal alcohol will grow. Healthy lifestyle advocates say it’s a good time to give up alcohol entirely as it’s illogical to pay huge money for something that brings harm.

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