Why many major tour operators of the Russian Federation can stop work

In the spring of this year the Federal Law “On the Basics of Tourist Activities” was amended. According to them, all Russian travel companies with an annual turnover of more than 250 million rubles must submit to Rosturism documents on the increase of financial guarantees to their clients.

Lawmakers attributed the need to adopt such amendments to the fact that there have been repeated cases where Russians who have been vacationing abroad were in a difficult position due to mutual financial claims of its tour operator and host party.$ For example, the tour operator for some reason didn’t transfer the necessary amount of money to the host party, and Russian tourists from – for it refused to settle in hotels or release them until the debt won’t be repaid . That is, simply speaking, people who paid for services in advance and in full, were rendered extreme in a conflict situation, which had to be resolved by Russian diplomats.

To minimize the possibility of such situations from tour operators demanded additional financial guarantees of their reliability. According to the amendments adopted, these guarantees were to be granted to Rosturism by July 4. The tour operator, who will not provide them, faces exclusion from the Unified Register. However, so far only 13 tour operators out of 43 have done so. There are different reasons for this, including the fact that many insurance companies are either withdrawing from the tourism market due to increased risks or tightening insurance conditions. Therefore the Russians who have already bought vouchers, quite reasonably worried: will their money go missing?

More likely, such concerns are baseless. Hardly the heads of Rosturism, as well as the largest tour operators and insurance companies will allow the collapse of the tourist services market. As the responsible employees of Rosturism assure, active work is underway to resolve the resulting legal conflict, and there is a good chance that the vast majority of tour operators will be able to present these warranty for the nearest time. In addition, all Russians who bought vouchers for validity until May 31, 2013, even in case of termination of the company, will be able to get back its value.

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