Why Israelis died in Bulgaria

On July 18, 2012, a bus was blown up at Sarafovo airport, which is located in the Bulgarian city of Burgas. It was home to a group of Israeli tourists. There were three buses in all that had to take passengers from the airport terminal to the hotel. The explosion thundered immediately as soon as the buses began traffic. The other two buses caught fire in the explosion.

Seven people died in the attack. Five Israelis, a Bulgarian guide and a suicide bomber. Nine people are missing. More than 30 people suffered damage of varying severity, three of them in critical condition. All the victims were taken to the city hospital, which is heavily guarded by police outfits.

Following the attack, Bulgarian authorities closed Sarafovo Airport. All flights diverted to Varna airport. Some flights have been delayed or cancelled. The Israeli passengers themselves, who were not affected by the attack, were inside the airport building. In total, it’s over a hundred people. This was done so they could give evidence and also for their safety. The

unknown Islamic group Qedat al-Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack before this case, which means “Basics of Holy War”. They made a formal declaration and warned that more acts of terrorism would be carried out. Bulgaria’s authorities, however, deny the group’s involvement in the attack. The most likely version of involvement in the attack by a paramilitary Lebanese Shiite organization and political party, Hizbullah.

It is alleged that the attack was revenge for the liquidation of the head of the operations department of the “Party of Allah”, Imad Murnia. Thus the organization “Hizbullah” denies the involvement in this terrorist attack. It is worth noting that the terrorist act was committed on the anniversary of the tragedy in Buenos Aires. This organization is responsible for the tragedy of 18 July 1994.

After all the events in Burgas, the Israeli authorities made an official statement that at the Olympic Games in London the staff of the national Olympic team will be increased. The country’s government fears a repeat of events at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, when the Palestinian organization Black September killed eleven Israelis.

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