Why in Russia cancelled the checkout check

The reason why Russia cancelled the checkout card since July 2012 probably became common sense. Upon adoption of amendments, all car owners had to be inspected, including those who treat the condition of their car in good faith and regularly carry out a preventive inspection of the car in certified auto centers. They had to receive and pay for confirmation of serviceability of their car twice — in the car center and during the registration of a maintenance card.

Now such disciplined and responsible car owners will be enough to have a diagnostic card of maintenance in a certified auto center. This card will be issued by the dealer who conducted the inspection. It shall contain an opinion on the extent to which the vehicle meets the approved safety requirements.

If the conclusion indicates that the vehicle is recognized in compliance with safety standards and allowed to operate it, the card also indicates the validity period of the permit. If a certified dealer has deemed the vehicle unusable, a list of faults must be attached to the card. The card is valid only with the signature of the technical expert who carried out the inspection of the vehicle.

The owner of the car and the operator of the inspection receive a copy of the diagnostic card in paper form. Its electronic copy is transmitted to a single database of the automated technical inspection information system. The owner of the card now does not have to carry it with himself—all the data patrol traffic police will be able to look at on the computer.

This document will be stored electronically for 5 years. In case of loss of the diagnostic card, the car owner will always be able to obtain its duplicate in the auto center, from the technical expert who conducted the inspection. The responsibility to control the activities of inspection operators is entrusted to the Russian Union of Insurers.

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