Why Honda is recalling its crossovers around the world

The reason for the recall of cars is a probable defect in door locks. According to Japanese automakers, the detected malfunction did not lead to a single motor shutdown or accident. However, such a decision was made after complaints from Japanese clients had been received.

The defect is that the simultaneous use of front door saloon handles and electric lock, causes the cable to shut down, causing the door to not open or close. A fault in the engines was also found. More precisely, there was a problem with the cooling system of the motor, which led to its shutdown.

Most of these cars were sold in Japan, China, the Americas. 73,00 Acura ILX – 2013 model year sedans have been sold in North America, which will also be recalled.

Honda quite often became involved in recalling their cars. Note that in March 2010 the company recalled Honda Element crossovers with release in 2007-2008. Problems were found in the brake pedals in which air accumulated. As a result, they had to be pressed with effort.

And back in May 2011, the company recalled about 1.5 million vehicles in the United States. The reason for troubleshooting was the update of the ACPP software due to a likely defect of airbags. Then the service campaign touched auto Honda and Acura 2001-2003 year of release.

At the same time in early spring this year Honda recalled to the United States almost 554,000 vehicles of Pilot 2003 and CR-V models 2002-2004.

To return machines to service almost a dozen years after production is a rare phenomenon for such an international company. The cause of the unplanned recall was a fault that was found in the electric power system for headlight headlights.

As it turned out, crossovers never managed to become worldwide bestsellers, though they have many virtues.

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