Why have all Nokia branded stores closed in Russia

A total of about 50 Nokia branded stores were opened in Russia. However, in May 2012, the Finnish company announced the closure of the entire mono-brand network in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the management of the company asked Russian users not to worry – all Nokia products can be purchased in multi-brand salons and on the Internet. Instead of Nokia company “Nosima”, which was engaged in the sale of brand products, will conclude a contract with the firm Samsung Electronics, on the place of Nokia showrooms there will be Samsung stores.

This decision was made by the management of the company in connection with the restructuring policy decided by the Finnish company. Such measures are being taken to deal with the consequences of a severe crisis in which the company has been in for several years.

The development of sales in Nokia branded salons was considered by management to be non-priority and unprofitable. However, representatives of the company say that retail trade in major Russian cities through other channels remains one of the highest priority areas of development.

It turned out that to maintain sales of Nokia products in Russia quite enough multi-brand sales points and active online sales. Unlike the branded salons of major manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia stores did not cause such a stir in buyers and constituted far from the most significant item of the company’s income.

So Nokia product lovers should not be upset — the firm is not going to leave the Russian market, the only goal pursued by the company, closing salons is to optimize sales. However, such a measure can be regarded by specialists of the IT sphere as proof of serious problems that exist in the company at the moment.

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