Why Facebook appeared an icon of same-sex marriage

A person registered on the social network Facebook can receive information about various changes in their friends’ lives, such as their marriage. Each action corresponds to a graphic image. Since 2012, such an icon appeared for a same-sex marriage – a symbolic image of two grooms or brides. One of the founders of Facebook Chris Hughes added the first to his page, so informed about the marriage with his beloved Sean Eldridge.

The appearance of an icon depicting a same-sex marriage corresponds to changes in the legislation of many countries of the world. For 2012, same-sex marriages are recognized and performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina and Denmark. Also similar unions are possible in 8 states of the United States and the Metropolitan District of Columbia, the city of Mexico and one of the states of Brazil. In some states, such as the UK, allowing same-sex marriage is planned soon.

The introduction of special designations for same-sex marriage is also a sign of the Facebook administration’s friendly attitude towards the entire LGBT community (LGBT – a collective term, denoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). Earlier, in 2011, users have already been able to specify different marriage status. The fact is that in many states, in the absence of marriage rights for homosexuals, there is in parallel the possibility of registering civil unions giving limited rights. For example, such alliances between people of the same sex are possible in France, Germany, the UK and other states. Therefore, same-sex couples can report on the conclusion of such unions in their questionnaires. The popular resource administration has even received special awards from gay and lesbian rights foundations for supporting LGBT organizations.

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