Why cut down Khimki forest

July 9, 2012, the state company still started cutting down the planned site of Khimkinskaya oak. Avtodor, citing research by the Institute of Forestry, states that the planned 8% of the forest destroyed will not affect the change in environmental conditions in the area.

This percentages accommodate about a thousand adult trees, which will be replaced by a piece of toll high-speed track. The Institute of Forestry conducted an assessment of this area of oak trees and concluded that there are no plants listed in the Red Book. But scientists do not deny the values of trees to be destroyed.

Old-age unique oaks are located in the central part of the Khimkin Forest, which will not be affected by the assurances of Avtodor. Defenders of the forest claim that first had to pass compensatory measures for the ecology of the region. “Russian Highways” parry that these works are carried out according to the plan of the approved project.

Cutting should be carried out with the preservation of the lives of young and middle-aged oaks, which can be replanted elsewhere. The representation of the World Wildlife Fund in Russia is displeased with the volume of compensatory activities.

Construction of the toll highway through Khimkinskaya Dubrava has been suspended more than once, the project changed it. Expert studies of the consequences of cutting down, public discussions of works were repeatedly conducted. The full agreement of the parties cannot be reached. But the authorities promise that the dubrava will not die. The

need for future track is not denied. After all, now a huge stream of cars is being carried through the center of Himok, which is not safe for locals and their health. The environmental situation in the city itself after the introduction of the highway will undoubtedly improve. But, of course, people are sorry to lose centuries-old picturesque trees, which are also a source of oxygen for the atmosphere.

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