Why Blackberry 10 is postponed

Research In Motion (RIM) recorded serious losses in the first quarter of 2012. It is likely that sales revenue will decline in 2013 as well. The last hope to change the situation was planned for 2012 the release of the new product — the next generation of Blackberry 10 phones. Now it became known that the release of the long-awaited smartphone is delayed until next year. Research In Motion and so hard to withstand competition with other manufacturers of similar equipment, now the worst fears of experts and shareholders have been confirmed.

Analysts believe the delay in releasing the smartphone on the Blackberry 10 operating system is directly dependent on the company’s financial performance. If the novelty comes out in 2013, it will by then become seriously obsolete and will not be able to compete with the counterparts offered by other companies.

RIM Chief Executive Torsten Heins, most recently in charge of the company, said the reason for the delay was the need to develop new operating system features. Work on coding the program took longer than planned.

And yet plans to release the Blackberry 10 platform persist. A company spokesman told reporters about some features of the smartphone. The new device will not have a keyboard, control is done through a touch screen. The touch system is improved and allows you to select a whole word at the touch of a button. The

rescheduling of the release of a new smartphone effectively means it will emerge after similar devices from Microsoft, Apple and Google have been announced. Against such powerful competitors, Blackberry may well get lost. The company will inevitably have to think about a new strategy of winning its smartphone market share by using non-standard methods of attracting consumers.

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