Why banned codein

20 regions of the Russian Federation refused to sell codeine-containing drugs even before the introduction of a ban on their free sale. “Nurofen Plus”, “Pentalgin-N”, “Kodelak”, “Kaffetin”, “Solpadein” and others were included in the list of forbidden ones. Doctors claim that the range of painkillers and cough drugs presented in pharmacies for free sale can meet the needs of citizens. But, if the pain is systemic, or only the drug with codeine in the composition helps to get rid of them, you need to consult a doctor. “Codeine, in itself, is not analgesic, it only enhances the effects of other components of pills, and addictive it can really cause,” said Elena Nevolina, head of the Pharmacy Guild.

The ban on this kind of medication is caused by drug users regularly purchasing codeine-containing drugs en masse. Of these, they brewed a heavy drug, a heroin analogue called “desomorphine.” To prepare one dose, it is enough to pack tablets of 10 pieces containing codeine, that is, one dose costs the addict about 150-200 rubles.

“ Crocodile” – so popularly called this drug because of the fact that it causes gangrene, hands and feet of addicts are covered in creepy unhealing sores, the person literally starts rot alive. Sometimes doctors can save the lives of such patients by amputating limbs, but dependence on desomorphine is very strong, and many start pounding again, and then gangrene resumes. The homemade drug is much more toxic than heroin, so if the life expectancy of a heroin addict is 5-7 years, then “crocodile” – 1, maximum 2 years.

Already now doctors and police officers note that since the introduction of the prescription regime for codeine has become fewer cases of drug poisonings, crimes committed “high”, and increasingly” heavy” addicts are starting to take a step towards a healthy life.

As for home kit, from June 1, 2012, all pharmacies are obliged to have on sale a large selection of products similar to codeine content. There are many drugs, active substances in which are aspirin, ibuprofen, analgin, paracetamol – they are great to help cope with pain. Besides, manufacturers also managed to prepare for a new bill, for example, under a ban only “Nurofen plus”, and ordinary “Nurofen” in free sale, “Pentalgin” exists with codeine and without , and “Aspirin” is now produced by many pharmaceutical factories.

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