Why a marine parasite was named after Bob Marley

Such an unusual name to a crustacean subspecies decided to be given by Paul Sikkel, a biologist at Arkansas State University. It was this scientist – a fan of Bob Marley discovered the bloodsucking crayfish and in such an unusual way wished to express his love for the work of the musician.

“ I decided to name this kind of crayfish, which is also a real wonder of nature, after the magnificent Bob Marley because of my admiration for his music,” Paul Sikkel explained his intention , associate professor of the university and specialist in marine ecology. — Marine parasite is a unique Caribbean species, however, like Marley itself.

Bob Marley is a very eccentric Jamaican musician, vocalist, composer. He passed away in 1981, but despite this, Robert Nesta Marley (his full name) is still considered the most popular reggae performer.

According to the National Science Foundation website, NSF (US National Science Foundation), Gnathia marleyi is the only animal species that has been discovered in the Caribbean region for 20 of recent years. Unknown to science, crayfish are similar to bloodsucking forest mites long known to humans. These marine animals belong to the family Gnathiidae — a species of parasite whose halo habitat is restricted to coral reefs.

Young individuals of Gnathia marleyi crayfish live and grow among coral debris, in sponges and algae deep on the bottom. They wait for the fish, get sucked to it, and it becomes the carrier of the Marley parasite. Adult individuals, according to the observation of Paul Sikkel, can go without food at all for two to three weeks or longer.

Bob Marley’s family members and Island Records, the record company sole owner of the recording rights to the musician, do not comment on the decision to name the sea parasite as the Jamaican legend’s name , writes The Christian Science Monitor.

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