Who will release Android Tablets

Samsung, Asus and Acer continue to be the leaders in Android tablet production. It is important to take into account that the South Korean manufacturer produces a large number of different models of tablet computers. The range of products in this category, represented by two other companies, is much already.

Most Asus tablets belong to the Transformer range. In addition, Google’s new tablet โ€” Nexus 7 is also produced in the plants of the company.

Do not forget about other firms as well. Huawei will release several models of tablet computers. The characteristics of these devices will allow them to compete with the machines of the above manufacturers. A large number of companies with their own IT division are seeking to fill vacant niches in the mobile computer market. Now you can find tablets of the following companies: Digma, Prestigio and even Hyundai.

Comparatively recently, Philips introduced the new Android tablet T7 Plus. This 7-inch computer is designed for internet surfing and easy applications. The device is not high performance. This disadvantage is offset by the low cost of the device

The bulk of large companies will not stop the development and creation of new tablets working with Google’s operating system. These companies include the following well-known manufacturers: LG (Optimus Series), Lenovo (Multiple IdeaPad Models), HTC (Jetstream).

Importantly, the new tablet computers will mostly be initially equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean systems. Some machines will be able to work with Scribe technology, which allows you to enter text information using a pen. This method will make it much easier to work with mobile PCs.

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