Who will be Tom Cruises next wife

The leadership of the Scientologists organization decided once again to interfere with the private life of one of their adepts Tom Cruise and choose him a bride. According to their claims, Cruz’s new wife should definitely be actress Yolanda Pecoraro, who is also a Scientology adept and has attended religious classes since she was 13. The decision stems from the fact that Tom Cruise has already repeatedly had problems with his ex-wives because of a fascination with Scientology, and Katie Holmes left him partly because he tried to force on her their views and make a parishioner their daughter Suri.

Pecoraro among many Scientology fans was chosen for a reason. Tom Cruise and Yolanda met back in 2004, and many noted that the famous actor seriously got carried away with the girl and even tried to care for her. It was he who paid Yolande for Hollywood exclusive Scientology courses. Later, the relationship between Cruz and Pecoraro passed into the category of friendly, but now the young woman was officially announced as the future wife of the actor. She herself has not made clear comments on this matter, but it is likely that Yolanda will not resist the desire of Scientologist leaders. In addition, it is known that despite rumors of Pecoraro’s association with some famous actors, the woman is still unmarried or engaged.

An additional reason Cruz was forced on a girl from the Church was the fact that his children stayed with their mothers after divorces and were not included in the list of adepts. After Katie Holmes secured sole custody of Suri’s daughter, the Church leadership told Cruz to have a child who would become an adherent to their current. The mother of the baby should become a young parishioner, and for her role, according to the members of the Church, as best suited 27-year-old Yolanda. And the wedding should take place immediately after the divorce so that fans make sure that Cruz had no feelings for Katie Holmes and very quickly found a beautiful new bride.

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