Who will be the new coach of the Russian national football team;

Failed performance of the national team at Euro 2012 led to the fact that not only the head coach of the national team, but also the head of the RFU – his the head, Sergey Fursenko, resigned from this post. Since the contract with the head of the national team is concluded by this organization, it is necessary to expect appointment of the new head coach not before the successor Fursenko will be chosen. In the meantime, football specialists discuss possible candidates, the list of which includes almost a dozen surnames known both around the world and only in Russia.

The most high-profile names among the currently free foreign coaches with the chance to lead the Russian national team – Joachim Lev, Josep Guardiola, Fabio Capello, Luciano Spalletti and Bernd Schuster. Two of them – German Lev and Italian Capello – before that prepared national teams that participated in the 2012 European Championship and advanced on it further than our team. And the Englishmen who brought out at Euro 2012 Capello and the Germans under the leadership of Lev knocked out of a draw the finalist of this tournament – the national team of Italy. Josep Gvaridiola is best known for five years of leadership of the strongest team of the continent – Spain’s Barcelona, and Luciano Spalletti, coach of the champion of Russia of the last two years, to fans of football in our the country is not required to represent.$ Less known as coach is German Schuster, whose most significant team for less than a year was Real Madrid.

From the Russian coaches, the current president of football club “Alania” Valery Gazzayev can lead the national team. His name in our country is associated with the period of dominance in Russian football of CSKA Moscow. Valery Georgievich also has some experience leading the country’s first and youth teams, although he was not as successful as his experience in club football. Other domestic coaches among possible candidates and now work with different national teams – Yury Krasnozhan directs the second team, Nikolay Pisarev – youth, and Alexander Borodiuk – assistant head coach of the first national team.

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