Who topped “Public TV”

Officially, the position of the first person in Public Television is called ‘CEO of an autonomous non-profit organization’ Public Television of Russia “”. The functions of the editor-in-chief are also assigned to him. The appointment of the head of the new TV channel should be carried out by the decree by the President of the country – such a norm is included in the law, which in the second half of July 2012 approved by the Federation However, the president should choose this person not at his own discretion, but from the list presented by the Public Chamber, established in 2005 to better interact with public associations with authorities. The Public Chamber compiled a list of 75 candidates for the position and by secret ranking vote reduced it to 25 persons. The list was handed over to the Russian president, who appointed Anatoly Lysenko as director general of Russian Public Television by his decree on July 18. All other nominations from the “25 list” have become members of the new channel’s governing body – its council.

Anatoly Lysenko – president of the International Academy of Television and Radio, as well as professor of the Higher School of Economics. He is 75 years old, in Soviet times Anatoly Grigoryevich worked for more than 20 years in the youth editorial staff of Central Television, including the head of the program “View” and deputy editor-in-chief. From 1990 to 1996 he was the head of VGTRK and then served as chairman of the media committee in the Moscow Government. Lysenko was awarded orders three times, became a recipient of the State Prize and holds the title of Merited Artist.

Directed by Anatoly Lysenko, the TV channel should begin broadcasting from January 1, 2013. August is set aside for team formation, and pilot broadcasts are planned for autumn. A distinctive feature of Public Television should be the absence of advertising and independence from any state or political bodies. Although in the initial period of its operation, public financing of a new TV channel is planned.

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