Who of the young celebrities is the richest one

Forbes magazine is famous not only for an interesting selection of information, but also for a love of compiling ratings, in one way or another concerning money. It was he who more than once voiced a hundred billionaires of the world, the youngest millionaires, the richest businessmen, and now got to young celebrities. The ranking of the richest celebrities under the age of thirty has caused a huge public interest, because Forbes has not been able to count and name the exact figures of their income for the past year.

The top spot of the list is given unconditionally to Taylor Swift. Between May 2011 and May 2012, this twenty-two-year-old country singer managed to earn fifty-seven million dollars! Taylor is incredibly popular in the US. With the scene the girl has been familiar since ten years, she recorded her first studio album in 2006. It was immediately called five-times platinum, and Swift found popularity. To date, she has recorded three albums and several singles, performs extensively in the United States and beyond, and is even starring in movies. As well as celebrity, Taylor has managed to star in several novels with other stars, such as Taylor Lautner from the popular Twilight movie.

The second Forbes ranking was awarded to Justin Bieber. The 18-year-old singer earned fifty-five million dollars in the same period. His earnings folded from album sales, concert tours, participation in TV shows and advertising campaigns. Justin was born in the UK, once his video on the network was found by manager Scooter Brown, who decided to make of a young bestowing star. It was succeeded thanks to Bieber’s clear talent, lovely voice and pleasant looks.

In third place of the list of richest celebrities to thirty turned out to be Rihanna. In a year, she received fifty-three million dollars. The beauty from Barbados is just a year older than Swift, but already has six albums, a decent filmography, as well as the love of fans all over the world. Rihanna’s personal life is closely watched by paparazzi, from whom the affair with singer Chris Brown failed to hide, as is the subsequent scandalous break-up with him.

The ten richest young celebrities according to Forbes included other stars (in descending order of income): Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, Kristen Stewart, Lil Wayne, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattison.

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