Who of the participants in the Euro 2012 finals became the most popular in Runet

In fifth place was Andrea Pirlo – an Italian midfielder. Already in the second minute of the match he received a transfer from the opponent’s penalty area, but he punched inaccurately. Sharp moments involving the footballer appeared more than once in both halves of the confrontation. According to Yandex, people were actively responding to similar events, turning to the search engine for more information. The

fourth line of the honorary list was taken by Iker Casillas – the goalkeeper of the Spanish team. The experienced goalkeeper earned special attention due to his flawless action during the match. The most poignant moment was in the 52nd minute when the Italian national team got a chance to score, but the footballer could not one-on-one outplay Casillas. There were a lot of dangerous moments in the first half too, but the goalkeeper always bailed out.

In third place is Italy national team goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. At the very beginning of the second half, he saved the team from a seemingly imminent goal. By the end of the match, the Italian defence had quite fallen apart and the goalkeeper desperately tried to save the team from a rout defeat. Although the final ended 4-0 in favour of the Spanish national team, the goalkeeper earned the respect of the spectators.

The second place of the pedestal of popularity went to Spanish striker Fernando Torres. This footballer struck an opponent’s goal in the 84th minute. In total, throughout EURO 2012 he scored three goals. This achievement can be praised by only six athletes who took part in different stages of the tournament. Notably, Torres entered the field only in the 75th minute of the final match.

The top 5 list is Italian striker Mario Balotelli. This professional was also one of the six players who scored three goals each at UEFA EURO 2012™ Poland-Ukraine tournament. Unfortunately, he failed to score in the final, but he repeatedly became a participant in sharp situations at the goal of the opponent.

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