Who most often commits crimes in Moscow

According to law enforcement agencies, more than 60% of all crimes in Moscow are committed by non-residents. And the reasons are banal enough. People come to a foreign city looking for work and self-fulfillment. Not everyone gets to find their place under the sun. It often happens that they simply don’t have money for the return road. And it turns out as a result that they go on offense. In some cases it happens in order to survive, in others it plays a big role to be embittered against those who, in the view of criminals, have everything.

For the most part, these crimes are not particularly serious – fraud, theft, robbery, etc. However, the number of incidents involving migrants has increased recently. It also has an explanation – after all in the last 5 years the number of visitors workers, often illegal, has increased many times. The 2008 crisis significantly mowed the areas where they worked – basically, it’s all about construction. Money to return home, they do not have, and go there without the opportunity to support the family they also do not want. All this is pushing migrants on crime.

Recently, terrible newspaper headlines about women and children raped and murdered by migrants have increasingly begun to appear. And it’s true. Militiamen claim that the number of crimes committed precisely by visitors from the Near Abroad, grows. Increasingly, it is migrants who are the main perpetrators of crimes committed with particular cruelty and are classified as particularly serious. The reasons why this is happening, the official authorities are difficult to name. And psychologists are confident that it’s all from the embittered migrants and there are too many in the city.

Most often, middle-aged people – from 30 years or older – go to crime. However, in recent years there have been a lot of Moscow gang groups, which include juvenile offenders.

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