Who made shoes for Cinderella

Christian Laboutin since childhood was fascinated by fairy tales, probably like any creative and talented person. He dreamed of making shoes for Cinderella, which will be beautiful, comfortable and will not break if they fall.

When Disney invited Christian to create magic slippers, the designer was absolutely happy about such trust. The Disney Princess exhibition will be organized to celebrate the release of a remake of the famous 1949 cartoon. The premiere date is set for August 2012. Dresses for Cinderella sewed Valentino, Versace, Elie Saab.

The exhibition will be held on the fifth floor of London’s renowned Harrods department store in the Disney Zone. The boutique for real princesses features famous outfits, accessories, jewelry and fabulous shoes for Cinderella made by Christian Laboutin.

The shoes of the fashion designer, of course, are not made of crystal, but they are decorated by thousands of Swarovski crystals. All this splendor sparkles in a way that could dazzle any prince. Christian was able to give a pair of shoes that could well be worn, the magic magic of an old fairy tale.

In addition to sparkling rhinestones, Laboutin slippers are decorated with two decorative handmade butterflies on a metal frame. Material for the fabulous pair of shoes served as the finest lace, which is almost unseen on the leg. But the legendary red sole of the master remained the same, this element has long become a distinctive detail of the designer’s shoes.

Master Christian said that before starting work reread the tale and watched cartoon and feature films on the book to understand the character of Cinderella, feel her kindness and gentle heart. He had to become a fairy to create slippers worthy of princess legs.

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