Who Julian Assange

Who is Julian Assange and what is known for? In 2006, he founded the Internet resource WikiLeaks, which during its existence to some countries, including the United States, caused more damage than other military conflicts.

The documents that WikiLeaks makes publicly available are absolutely secret. In particular, the portal posted classified video of a helicopter attack on Reuters journalists and accompanying persons whom the American voyages mistook for terrorists. Eighteen people died then, and the video footage was dubbed a “collateral homicide.” There was a big scandal in the press about this. The same thing happened when Assange handed over some 100,000 secret documents relating to the war in Afghanistan to the world’s leading media. After which he declared another 15,000 Pentagon Papers in his possession.

Julian Assange was decided to stop. While the U.S. Attorney’s Office has only mentioned that it is going to charge the owner of WikiLeaks with inducing to steal state property, in Sweden he has already been accused of double rape. After Interpol put Assange on the wanted list, he turned up at a London police station. The British Court of First Instance ordered that he be extradited to Sweden. After reaching the British Supreme Court and finding no protection in his face, Assange took refuge in the grounds of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he is now seeking political asylum. A

limited range of people know about the channels through which classified material is sent to WikiLeaks, maybe only one — Julian Assange himself. He took up computer network security back in the pre-Internet era, and in 1991 was arrested for hacking into the central server of a telecommunications company, Nortel Networks, operating in Canada. Then Assange got off with a fine. Then he was detained on suspicion of stealing $500,000 from Citibank accounts, but could not prove it.

Australian-born Julian Assange is a man of peace. Having spent his childhood in a stray acting troupe, he and now wanders through the light, in parallel fulfilling the mission he chose to make clear the dirt that politicians try to keep in mystery.

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