Who is Mario Balotelly

Mario Barvois Balotelli was born in 1990 into a Ghanaian immigrant family. Congenital diseases required qualified medical care, for which parents Thomas and Roz Barvois did not have the funds. Therefore, when Mario turned two years old, he was given the care of the Italian Balotelli family from the city of Brescia. His new parents Mario Francesco and Silvia Balotelli adopted the boy and began to raise on par with their three native children. Mario received Italian citizenship only upon reaching the age of eighteen.

At Brescia, Balotelli began to be interested in football, and at five was already playing in the county team. With age, his talents were revealed and Mario was given a place in the youth squad. Later the club “Lumezzane” for the sake of sixteen-year-old Balotelli issued a special dispensation with which he became the youngest Serie C member in the history of football.

A terrific game for Lumezzane club attracted a lot of attention from several clubs at once. His next haven was Milan’s Inter, where he was enlisted in the youth squad. It was there that he became the leader and showed his best qualities on the field, scoring 19 goals in twenty matches.

The first game for Inter’s main squad took place in 2007, but then he spent only two final minutes on the field. The next match against “Regina” Mario marked two goals in the opponent’s goal.

In 2010 Balotelli moved to England’s famous Manchester City, where he behaves on the pitch more than actively, scoring goals in almost every match.

Mario is famous not only for football achievements, but also for his unfathomable character. The young but already a full-fledged football star is often celebrated in scuffles, both on and off the field. So, Balotelli got in a fight with teammate Micah Richards, though, guys made up pretty quickly.

In 2012 Balotelli goes to the European Championship as part of the Italian national team. In the match against Germany, he scores two goals in the opponent’s goal, thus paving his country’s way to the final encounters.

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