Who is Avdotya Senogneuka

July 7 according to the old style, according to the new — July 20 commemorates Euphrosynia venerable, in the world — Avdotya (Eudokia), who was the daughter of Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich of Suzdal. She married Avdotya to Prince of Moscow – Grand Duke Dmitry Donsky, and their successful alliance became a guarantee of peace between Suzdal and Moscow.

Princess Eudokia was distinguished by piety. Sergius of Radonezh, who baptized one of Avdotya’s and Dmitry’s sons, as well as Moscow’s Metropolitan Alexy had a huge influence on her. The government became known to the people for having built several temples on Russian soil and a women’s Ascension Monastery in the Kremlin.

In secret from all, Avdotya observed strict fasting and wore verigi under lush princely clothing. And after raising five children, she decided to devote herself completely to the service of God. She accepted tonsured into monasticism and took the name Euphrosinius. Already the former Princess Avdotya spent the last years of her life in prayers.

Avdotya was called Senognoika only because on her name almost always pour rains, which prevent the production of hay. After all, from the great humidity, unbroken hay starts to rot right in the meadows. So it was tried to gather as quickly as possible in the Skirds, the peasants said: “Clouds are not so terrible if you comb hay in the heaps.”

It was July 7 that the harvest began in the fields, where they went with songs and carried sickles wrapped in towels. The first cut sheaf was tied with a towel brought, and then carried to the church, where it was consecrated. Then a sheaf was put in the front corner of the house, and after dinner or lunch they were kicked out of the hizba. This sheaf was kept in each house until autumn, and on October 14 (the day of the Virgin’s Intercession) treated them sheep, cows, horses and goats to eat better prepared for the winter.

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