Who is a Freemason today

Despite the fact that the Masonic structure is quite ancient, it has very, very many followers. For example, according to statistics, at the beginning of the twentieth century the number of Freemasons grew twice and became 4.4 million people. And by the end of the last century, the number of adepts of this current had increased to 10 million. It’s natural that most of them are in America, as the country with the most tolerant attitude towards any social and religious currents.

Although traditional in Russia is strong, there are also representatives of Masonic lodges. And the number of them isn’t that small. Among the Freemasons, not only the elderly, but the reasonably young. In Russia, the fraternity is accepted from 18 years, and the average age of participants is not more than 30 years. The job of brotherhood is to seek man’s place in the world and before God As

the basis of their movement modern Freemasons take not only the slogan donated by the French Revolution: freedom, equality and brotherhood, but also such a fashionable word today as solidarity. That is, it means that any adult person can be a Freemason, no matter what sex and race he is.

Freemasonry itself is not a religion. Moreover, it demands from its adepts clear adherence to all the commandments of God. And therein lies the principled position of the management of the lodge. Freemasons must abide by a number of provisions of fraternity, which include service to the Lord, spiritual development of each individual, which involves moral development, and must also be the care of the neighbors and loyalty to the family and the state. As far as not many can meet these requirements and are less able to comply with them, the Masonic current can be called elite, calculated for people strong spirit.

It is often considered that thanks to its slogans, Freemasonry is the ideal platform for conducting joint large-scale business or bringing people together to work in the general direction. Therefore, very often among modern Freemasons you can meet famous businessmen or politicians. However, information about them is far from always open, fraternity members should not be too in plain sight. After all, good must be done selflessly without emphasizing its importance.

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