Who founded the Wimbledon tennis tournament

In 1868 in London appeared a private club of amateurs very different, very popular in those years of the game – croquet. The modern variety of tennis (lawn tennis) members of the club began playing eight years later. As legend says, the father of one of amateurs of outdoor games in exchange for lifetime membership of the daughter presented to club at all not cheap for those times aggregate – a lawn mower. The withdrawal of it and was the reason for the first Wimbledon tournament in 1877 – the members of the club hoped to bail out from the paid participation in it of everyone, sufficient for the purchase of a new apparatus. 22 gentlemen responded to the announcement in the newspaper, and each contributed an entry fee to one guinea. The first final drew two hundred spectators, paying one more shilling to the box office. The financial total exceeded all expectations, and the tournament began to be held regularly.

Almost everything has changed since then. The lawn is now not cut, it is specially grown for competition in the county of Yorkshire and then in rolls delivered and stacked on the courts. The location of the tennis courts itself has also changed, although it remains in north-west London – the first tournament was held in Wimbledon on the lawn on Worple Road, now the complex of fields is located on Church Road. If the first winner received 35 guineas, then in 2012, 1.15 million pounds are waiting for champions in the men’s and women’s singles. Over the past 135 years, the tournament has developed its traditions – for example, all participants are obliged to perform in white uniforms, and the signature treat for spectators is strawberries with cream. It is a tradition to hold a tournament under the auspices of all that private tennis club – All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (“All-English Loun-Tennis and Croquet Club”). However, today the patron of the club is Queen Elizabeth II, the president is Duke of Kent Edward, and each winner of the tournament automatically becomes an honorary member.

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