Who came up with National Hot Dog Day in the US

Hot dog is a delicious sandwich with sausage or sausage and sauce. Sometimes vegetables and cheese are also added to this dish. In verbose English, “hot dog” means “hot dog”.

There are several versions of the origin of this dish and its name. One of them was invented by a German butcher. He sold hot sausages wrapped in a cut bun and watered with seasonings sauce. The sausage sandwich has become very popular with the population. At this time, one French cartoonist joked over the Germans’ favorite food, drawing instead of sausage the butcher’s favorite dog and signing from the bottom: “hod-dog”. Since then, this dish has become called that.

In America the hot dog hit in 1860. Emigrants from Germany showed Americans the technology of making sausages. And the Yankees made the hot dog their national dish. By the 1930s of the 20th century, hot dogs were one of the most beloved fast foods of U.S. residents. Also known is the fact that American President Franklin Roosevelt treated a sausage sandwich at the White House of his guest, the British King George VI.

Celebrating national hot dog day, Americans have various contests to cook the most original hot dogs and eat them at speed. Also on this day, Americans adhere to several rules. People over 18 can’t water a hot dog with ketchup. It is necessary exclusively with hands, and the sauce that has got on your fingers, in no case can be wiped with a napkin or washed away with water. Only licking! It is also forbidden to put a sausage sandwich on a porcelain plate.

National Hot Dog Day in the US always goes raucous and fun. Every year, Americans look forward to it. And so it happened that since recently they celebrate it no longer one day, but all of July, beginning to celebrate with the Independence Day of the USA — July 4.

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