Who believes in the end of the light

The theme of the coming apocalypse continues to be relevant, despite numerous known attempts of similar predictions in history, neither one of which, as everyone might have noticed, was not successful.$ The reason for this, on the one hand, is an attractive opportunity for many to tickle nerves with another horror, on the other – a hype artificially inflated by various media around apocalyptic predictions.

Naturally, most normal people don’t believe the end of the world. It’s just by virtue of the healthy propensity of the human mind not to trust both overly gloomy predictions and overly optimistic. However, there are also those who, despite historical examples and the voice of common sense, are confident of coming it in the very near future. Above all these are enlightened pessimists. People whose view of their destiny and of the world as a whole is so dark that they are sure that nothing good will end. By perceiving only the negative aspects of any information, they conclude the inevitability and intimacy of the end of everything.

Another group of individuals are easily indelible people who tend to take even the most incredible information on faith without subjecting it to any meaningful analysis.

Finally, the most numerous category, consisting in part of representatives of the first two — adherents of religious movements, followers of various teachings and sectarians.

At all times, representatives of religious structures have stealthily (and sometimes explicitly and even officially) contributed to the spread of rumors about the end of times among believers. And it’s understandable: people terrified of the coming disasters and concerned about saving their souls are easier to manipulate – they are passive politically and socially.

Of course, the probability of the end of the world cannot be completely excluded. In theory, it could come any minute. But this is not a reason to stop soberly assessing reality and enjoy life in all its manifestations — both spiritual and material.

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