Who are Pancratius and Cyril


Holy Martyr Pancratius, or Bishop of Tauromenia, came to light when Jesus Christ lived on earth. Pancratius’s parents, natives of Antioch, heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Not long thinking the father went there with his son to personally meet the great teacher.

Young Pancratius was shocked by divine teaching and believed in Christ, befriended the disciples of the Lord. The Apostle became his best friend.

After the ascension of the savior Jesus Christ, one of the apostles came to the homeland of Pancratius and baptized his parents and the whole house. After the passing of his parents, Pancratius left his estate and retired to the Pontic Mountains, where he lived in a cave, spending days and nights in prayer and spiritual reflections.

St. Peter the Apostle passed to those places. He persuaded Pancratius to come with him to Antioch, from where they moved to Cilicia, where the Holy Apostle Paul lived.

The holy apostles ordained Pancratius, and he became bishop of the Sicilian city of Taurromenia, where he began to work diligently for the Christian enlightenment of the people. Within a short time, the Bishop of Tavromenia erected the Temple to perform services. Soon, virtually all residents of the surrounding area adopted the Christian faith. But one day the pagans staged a revolt, attacked the holy apostle and stoned him to death. Nowadays, the relics of the Saint are in Rome, the Temple named by his name.

Cyril of Gortinsky lived under Emperor Diocletian and co-ruler Maximian. He served as bishop all his life. At his advanced age, the martyr was forcibly forced to renounce his faith and worship idols. The bishop refused to comply with the barbaric demand, he was sentenced to be burned.

During the first execution, the fire did not touch the holy elder. This event shocked the pagans and many of them converted. At that time, the bishop was released, but was soon again captured and executed. At the age of 90, the great disciple was shortened with a sword.

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