Which sites in Russia will be included in the “blacklist”

According to the statement of newly elected President V. IN. Putin primarily on the blacklist of sites will get resources that post child pornography, promote drugs and encourage children to commit suicide. In this way, lawmakers decided to fight for the lives and health of children. Similar databases already exist in many developed countries, including countries near abroad. In Russia such a project will be implemented for the first time.

Definitions of prohibited information are formulated:
– Pornographic images of minors;
– Propaganda of depravity and inducement of minors to act
sexual exploitation of minors
– inducing acts that threaten the life and health of juveniles.$

Owners of portals where prohibited information will be posted will be given an official warning, after which they will have to remove within 24 hours banned content. If they don’t, sites will be blocked by hosting providers. If the site is not blocked by the hosting provider, it will also be blocked. And at once they will be blacklisted. Subsequently, the decision to block the site or resource can be appealed through court.

Responsibility for blacklisting domains and sites will be assigned to one of the non-profit organizations, which will have to be selected and accredited by Roskomnadzor. The same organization will also work with statements from citizens who are called upon to help the State identify resources with negative information for children.

Despite the fact that mechanisms for controlling content on the Internet should be obvious, many doubt that in our country it will not pour another pipe for taxpayers’ money. Especially since the same owners of blocked sites can create new sites with exactly the same information in a fairly short time. Moreover, despite the blacklist of Russia’s websites and similar lists in Europe, any information can still be found anywhere in the world. Experts are skeptical about the idea of creating a specialized organization. According to them, the same functions can already be successfully executed by search engines indexing all newly emerging sites. And the newly created organization will only require new budget money.

Many directly express concerns that if the mechanism of formation of the blacklist is not clearly patched and absolutely transparent, numerous schemes of pressure on the owners will appear on the Internet Internet resources. And threats to blacklist will be a means of raiding takeover of sites, shatnage and political pressure. In other words, controlling the internet is capable of not only benefiting but also harming.

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