Which books are nominated for “Russian Booker” 2012

Opens the list of specikor “Russian Reporter” by Marina Akhmedov with the book “Diary of a suicide bomber. Khadija”. It’s a story about growing up a girl turned suicide bomber. The novel is based on real facts collected by a journalist.

The work of the other nominee of the award — Yuri Buyda — is based on real events. In “Blue Blood”, he takes as the basis the life story of actress Valentina Karavaeva, giving the heroine of the novel a different name, but a similar, very rich and tragic, fate.

Claims for the prize Dmitry Bykov with the book “Ostromov, or Enchantress’s Apprentice”. It is the closing novel of the trilogy, in which the writer returns to the eternal theme of “the extra man.”

The story of a deadlocked man is featured in the novel of the next nominee — Valery Bylinsky. “Adaptation” is a book with difficulty inscribed by critics into the novel’s genre signs, but the narrative theme fits well with this major form. The author explores the psychology of man in existential crisis.

Andrei Volos is nominated with the second part of the trilogy about the sunset of the Soviet era — the novel “Chairman” A study of history can be called the work of another author in the list — Yakov Gordin. In the book “The Soldier and His Empire”, he talks about the fate of the hero of the Napoleonic Wars, A. P. Ermolov.

Returns to recent history Giorgi Davydov, who in the novel “Pied Piper” writes about a man seen in Bolshevik chiefs of rats. In the extermination of these “animals” and sees his mission hero.

The essence of Andrei Dmitriev’s novel “The peasant and the tineyger” is reflected in the title itself. It’s a novel about the interaction of people from different worlds, different and at the same time in something similar.

Oleg Zayonchkovsky has already been on the shortlists of “Russian Booker”. This time it is presented with the novel “Zahul” – about a man who has gone into a hum and suddenly became a real hero of a detective story.

Alexander Ilichevsky has already been nominated for the prize, became its laureate with the book “Matisse”. In 2012, the author is included on the longlist with the novel “The Anarchists” about a lucky businessman who decided on down-shifting and left for the village to devote himself to painting.
Two nominees of “Russian Booker” appeal to traditional themes. N. Kryshchuk in “Your life is no longer beautiful” writes about death, and A. Melikhov in the book “And there is no recompense” – about his son’s revenge for his father’s death

A. Kurchatkin and E. Lemons tell about the fate of the writer in the conditions of our country. Kurchatkin, in the novel “Flight of the Bumblebee”, writes about the fictional hero, and Lemonov writes about his fate. The

works of the next three nominees combine colorism and saturation (event and figurative). C. Nosov, in the book “Françoise, or Path to the Glacier”, writes about heroes who went to India to meet the brāhmaṇa. E. Popov in “Arbait, or Wide Canvas” demonstrates the genre of the Internet novel. In Popov, in “Beating to Death” intertwines themes of fear, tragedy, humor.

The next four novels combine a theme of craziness, chaos, and the complexity of interconnections. Z. Prilepin in “Black Monkey” shows this on the example of one person. ABOUT. Slavnikov in “Easy Head” – the person and society. A. Slapovsky in “The Big Book of Change” and M. Stepnov in “Lazarus Women” write about the complex intertwining of the fates of several heroes.

At the end of the list are the novels of three nominees – A. Terekhova (“Germans”), A. Chepelova (“Before Europe”), V. Yagovarova (“Project “First Brick”). Topics authors explore different, but there is a common approach in these works. Writers in the context of actual events speculate about eternal moral and moral values.

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