Which area of the brain is responsible for the lies

Scientists of Interdisciplinary Science at the private Duke Research Institute performed brain scans during the poker game process . A study of several players found that during the time players bluff, the temporal parietal part of the brain is activated.

Activation occurred only during the period of thinking about the course of the game with a worthy opponent. The same research done while playing on the computer did not result in activating the temporoparietal junction. This suggested that one manifests one’s moral qualities only while interacting with other people.

The lie is used to mislead another person for their own gain. This is part of social behavior. And it is not at all surprising that during a person speaks or plans to tell a lie, there is activation of the temporo—parietal junction. This is where all the centers responsible for socialization and behavior are located.

The left parietal lobe of the brain is also responsible for orientation in space, for the ability to learn, numerate, write, read. The right parietal lobe helps the perception of heat or cold. Both lobes are responsible for pain.

The temporal lobes of the brain contribute to the processing of auditory sensations. All sounds are converted into clear words. In addition, the hippocampus is located on the inside of the temporal lobes, contributing to the formation of long-term memory.

Human intellectual abilities are largely determined by the coordinated work of the temporal parietal region of the brain. Activation of this zone occurs only during actions that require logical thinking.

When the hippocampus is impaired, the connection between the parietal and temporal region of the brain is completely absent. In doing so, human intellectual abilities undergo significant changes. It becomes impossible to consider methods of misleading others. Therefore, often a person behaves like a child and begins to say what he really thinks.

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