Where to watch “Naruto. Hurricane Chronicles” online

Go to multikonline.ru. Here you can watch all the series of the first and second seasons of “Naruto. Hurricane Chronicles”. The site also features a schedule for the release of the latest, fresh anime series, and the 270th series (“Golden Bies”), released on July 19, 2012, is already available for viewing.

Visit narutomaniya.ru. Here you can not only see all the released series of the first and second seasons of the animated series, but also get acquainted with the history of its creation, with the authors who invented a popular hero. In addition, the resource contains a brief description of each anime series, which will help you to better orient yourself in what you have already seen and what not yet. The site has interesting articles about each character of the animated series, as well as collections of anime pictures and information about other works in this genre direction.

Open maxx.tv resource. Here you can watch all series of the anime series “Naruto. Hurricane Chronicles”. In addition, on the site there are many more animated series of similar genre for fans of Japanese anime.

On the website blokino.ru the list of series “Naruto. Hurricane Chronicles” is presented in a fairly convenient format, by season. 268-episode from thirteen seasons are available for viewing. In addition, here you can see the fun mini-series “Chibi Naruto Spring of Youth Rock Lee”. The website also has the opportunity to watch full-length films about Naruto released at the moment.

Note the resource zerx.ru. It features all Japanese anime series about Naruto, and can not only be watched online, but also download to your computer. Also on the site there is a voting service for your favorite cartoon, where you can leave your comment about any series.

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